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Why does it go so fast? Lovely painting to commemorate her first day!

Du Buh Du Desgns

Awww! How sweet and to know that she will look back years from now and see what you made on her first day..I love the idea:) I have to start thinking about Pre-k too..eek!
Mark starts school next week and Andres goes over to his sitters for a few days a week. I look forward to getting back to studio time too. HAVE FUN!
Enjoy the last weekend of summer!
~Christine :)


Congrats on Nursery School!! Don't blink.... :)

I wanted to post to say I saw your dolls on the Silly Wagon online store!!! How exciting! Em loves her doll. Do you make extra clothes for the dolls too? Just curious.

Congrats on Mina heading to school... She'll have a super year. Casey

noodle and lou studio

oooh what a sweet painting Heather!!
I know exactly how you feel:) Henry starts Pre-K tomorrow and I'm a bundle of nerves.
Hope you had a beautiful long weekend.

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