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Happy 100th! Keep on blogging!!


Can't wait to see what you have tonight. My kids LOVE the Leo and Jax I bought for them.


Congrats on all your Blog success! May you continue on your amazingly creative path for all to enjoy!!!


Congrats on your 100th blog!! Your dolls are adorable and I'm so glad we found them!! Happy Holidays, Casey


eeek! I would be so thrilled to win, please count me in!

congrats on your 100th post and keep up the good work, I love it!


I LOVE your creations. Fingers are crossed!!! Congrats on # 100!

Linda Lilly  Kiss Noises

Oh oh if I cross my fingers and toes and everything inbetween and I wish on a star and jump over the cracks in the pavement, I might be lucky enough to win such a wonderful giveaway!!
Most importantly though congratulations on 100, no telegram from the Queen just Kiss Noises...100 of them!
Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


Ok, that wasn't my fault. It just happened. The comment that is not a comment.
This is a comment:

Congratulations on 100th post. Your work is so so soooo amazing (I'm sure you know that already, but doesn't hurt to hear it one more time, right?) I love the advent house idea and I would love to have one of your dolls at home. Fingers cross.




I just discovered your blog tonight, love the dolls!
Please count me in :-)


Congrat on your 100th posts, I hope you have many many more!! Well you know how we feel about your dolls:) and anything you make!! Have a great night.


You know I would love to win a custom doll for my Maggie. Your work is always unbelivable! Congratulations on your 100th post. What an accomplishment. Thanks for letting me lurk (wink) around and watch your creations come to life.

Fingers are crossed!
Alison in TN


Congratulations Heather, Mini Kitty is hiding out for my daughters birthday- i know she'll love it- she already steals my Chloe! We have 3 new babies in the new year joining or family tree- one an IVF bubba and I know my sister would flip over your beautiful dolls. A custom one would be wonderful. Congratulations on your 100th blog post i love coming for a visit!
Sarah G

Du Buh Du Designs

Yay for your 100th post~Your site is always so fresh and fun!Even though we just got a custom doll(what an awesome doll) I could think of a few nieces and nephews that would love a custom doll. Count me in your giveaway:)


Wow Heather... Congrats on your 100th post! Your dolls are beautiful and I've been patiently trying to decide when to order one for my sweet little Payton who's 4months old. Of course winning one would be amazing but she'll get one regardless - they're super sweet! Thanks for making these one of a kind treasures. -j-lo


Comgratulations on your 100th!!! What a wondrous gift you have given us, your vision and your art. Thank you.

Winning such a thing would be mind-blowing but either way, I still plan to buy two for my precious babies.

Congratulations again my dear.

noodle and lou studio

hooooray for YOU! Happy 100th Heather!! The blog world is a happier place because of Bumblebird:) I'm so happy to know you and to have some of your sweet art in my home. BIG congrats!! xoxox..jenn

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