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Super cute dolly!
Here is my best Hallowe'en trick. On Hallowe'en night I put on one of my kids' troll masks. Then I hid behind the front door and watched for trick-or-treaters coming up the front walk. A nanosecond before they would knock I would silently swing the door open and then suddenly pop my maskhead out from behind the door. This caused great surprise and hilarity until one tiny person hidden behind her older siblings actually fell off my porch in surprise! That put an end to my trick but I did give her extra treats.

Sue Borton

My favorite treat on Halloween is seeing all my grandkids in their costumes so excited for their trick or treating to begin. They all come by my house for pictures and their treat. I always have a bowl of candy for them to pick from and also each an individual bag that I fill with candy, sometimes popcorn balls and apples and usually a small toy or trinket. We don't get many trick or treaters on our street so seeing all 11 of my grandkids is a real treat. We are having them all a week early for little Halloween party this year because my husband is having surgery on the 27th to have a tumor removed from his abdomen and he doesn't want to miss out on the fun. Ginger kitty is adorable. So cute!


Love the kitty!

So my BEST trick EVER was when I was in my first year of college.

I called my parents from a payphone (ah the old days) while at a club. It was nice and lound in the background! My mom asked "Where are you??"

Me: "I'm in Vegas with Danny!"
Mom: (sounding worried, she didn't like the boyfriend AT ALL) "okaaaay??"
Me: "We are married!!!!" "Danny always wanted a Halloween wedding!" (Danny was a punk before punk was "retro")
Mom: "ROBEEEEEERT!!!! (dad) D is on the phone....
Me "tee hee...GOTCHA!"

Fave treat: This year my 2.5 year old singing "this is Halloweeeeen everybodddy sceeeem!" (picked it up from me humming it too many times). She has not seen the movie .:)

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